Probate Administration


Need help probating your loved one's estate?


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Shortly after losing a loved one, a grieving family is focused on supporting each other emotionally. This stressful time is not when you want to be making important and lasting financial and legal decisions, but sometimes this is a necessity. Probate Administration is a process by which the assets of the deceased are gathered, evaluated and ultimately distributed. While every estate goes through this process regardless of whether or not the deceased has a will, you can choose to hire an attorney you trust to provide guidance on expediting and managing the process.

Attorney Reilly can help you with every aspect of probating your loved one’s estate, including:

  • Making all the required filings with the Probate Court(s)
  • Gathering all property from the estate and assessing its value
  • Collecting all investment income such as dividends, stocks, etc.
  • Determining payment methods for all claims, debts and taxes against the estate
  • Working with your accountant to prepare estate tax returns
  • Distributing property to beneficiaries and heirs
  • Probate Administration services in Suffolk, Middlesex and Norfolk Counties

She understands what you are going through during this difficult time, and will guide you through the process compassionately and efficiently.