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Keep it in the Family…

Even under the best of circumstances, families have conflict. Add a traumatic or emotional event like a family death, issues with a financial legacy, or changes to a family business… and that conflict can escalate and intensify.

Often the grief and anxiety in these situations make it harder for family members to talk to each other in order to resolve their differences. Many times, these circumstances escalate and the family ends up in court where relationships and assets are often irretrievably lost as a result. When issues are taken to court, no result is guaranteed, the process is public, and parties may get some, all, or none of what they wish.

Mediation – intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or compromise (Merriam-Webster definition)

Reducing Stress and Cost:

Through mediation, family members reduce both the expenses of court proceedings and the emotional toll of conflict. In family mediation, the participants benefit greatly by preserving the possibility of ongoing relationships in the future, if they so choose.

Mediation is a way for family members to work together, addressing each participant’s interests and coming to a solution that ideally preserves the relationships and the assets… and does so privately. In mediation, the family members are empowered and encouraged to present their concerns to each other face-to-face. Many, if not most, family disputes lend themselves to mediation.

About K. Reilly Dispute Resolution LLC

K. Reilly Dispute Resolution LLC specializes in family mediation involving will, trust, and family business disputes.

The firm provides most mediations on a flat rate basis. There is no additional charge for ordinary case preparation, case administration or telephone conferences before or after the mediation session.

  • Connector.

    Two-Hour Mediation Session

    $450 per party (over 4 parties $400 per party)

  • Connector.

    Half-Day Mediation Session (4 Hours)

    $750 per party (over 4 parties $650 per party)

  • Connector.

    Full-Day Mediation Session (8 Hours)

    $1300 per party (over 4 parties $1200 per party)

The above fee schedule includes one hour of preparation time and one hour post-meeting time. Custom meeting session lengths are available and will be billed under separate arrangements.

Contact K. Reilly Dispute Resolution LLC by phone at (857) 233-4672 or by email.