COVID or No COVID – It’s Important to Plan

This Doctor says it as well as I’ve ever seen it – “So many of us have intentions of one day writing out our plans and instructions for end-of-life care, but most of us put that task off, for when we’re older or sicker. But the truth is, none of us knows when we will die…just because something was previously unimaginable doesn’t mean it won’t happen.”

“If we have the time to take on projects like cleaning out our kitchen pantries and doing 1,000-piece puzzles, then we can surely take on one of the most important to-dos on our list — preparing for the end of life.”

“Having a plan in place, one that doesn’t sugarcoat reality is the best preparation for ensuring that you are treated as you would wish. It also provides needed clarity to your loved ones, as we all navigate this pandemic together.”

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