Estate Planning…Khloe Kardashian is a Terrific Example for an Estate Planner…

On a recent episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the show centered around Khloe’s determination for who would be the godparent/guardian for her new baby. To quote Khloe:

“You have to think who has the best values of what you want your kids to be around and see and experience…”

To that end, she watched how her two sisters parented and asked her mother for advice. Her mother advised “ Where would I want my child being raised, in which environment? Who would I feel like my baby is going to be most comfortable and most loved [with]?”

This is among the hardest decisions a person can make and one of the main reasons why we are held up in our planning. The above is good advice. Also, you are not making a decision for FOREVER. Most planning documents can be changed as many times as you wish. Getting started is just that, and making a decision for right now.

Also, in Massachusetts, you can designate one person or couple to be the caregivers of your children, physically. This role is called “guardian.” You can name a separate individual to care for any money to be held for your child’s benefit. That role is called a “conservator.” Bifurcating those roles is a great way to involve both sets of parents’ families and keep “checks and balances” in effect for your children.

We are approaching the holidays…making lists and checking them twice. Keeping in mind that plans can (and should) evolve and that we just need to get started, contact K. Reilly Law LLC today and let us help you move forward!

PS I refuse to discuss the names!