Estate Planning – The Out of Office Memo

Finally taking that long weekend, that week, or crazy as it sounds those TWO weeks off from work. OK, I’ve got X going on for Client 1, Y in process for Client 2 and Client 3 might need Z, or ZZ. Well then, I think I’ll just leave everything on my desk and take off…good luck clients and colleagues!

No? Guess it’s time to write that “Out of Office” memo/email. How much time do you spend writing and rewriting it? I don’t know about you but I generally stayed well after a standard workday to get this as comprehensive as possible and as clear as possible…it’s practically a flowchart! Did I send the email to all the appropriate parties (To: and CC:)? I have to change my VM recording and email signature to let the world know how long I’ll be away and whom to contact in my absence. I also leave my “emergency contact” number in case, gulp, someone needs to call me during this time away.

Ha, ha, ha…bet this sounds familiar. Now think about what instructions you have in place for your personal world in the event you are incapacitated or when you pass on? Does that plan look like the “leave it all on your desk and hope for the best,” or the “Out of Office Memo?”

Think about the care and attention you put into your clients’ and/or colleagues’ needs and circumstances…why not give that same level of attention to your own world and family? Look what we go through for business matters for only 3, or 14 DAYS!!!

An estate plan is your “out of office” memo for your family, friends, doctor(s) and professional advisors. You designate specific people to do specific tasks as you wish them to be done. It’s written instructions for how you wish your financial, legal, healthcare and child care matters to be cared for when you can’t.

You want the peace of mind during your vacation that all your work and clients are adequately covered. Let’s get that same peace of mind in place for your personal world too!